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Lavender Leonardos Introduces Art Classes for Adults 

Please email to register your interest in this class, along with day's and times you are available.

Everyone can draw, paint, and be creative. This course is designed to be a taster in art; each week you will tackle a different discipline, ultimately finding out which appeals to you most, without the huge outlay of materials.

Learn at your own pace in a fun and nurturing environment.

Even if you haven’t drawn since school, give it a go!

This course is suitable for Beginners - Advanced, all ages welcome.

This is a 10 week course and costs £450's. Materials and refreshments are provided.

You will learn through demonstration, constant guidance, and reassurance.

In Week One you will learn the fundamentals of proportion, structure, composition, light and dark. We are teaching you to see with an artist eye, and to use your observational skills. After this session we will access our cohort to ensure we learn at a pace to suit each individuals creative journey.

The course will include: visiting artists, tuition on a range of materials, techniques, and drawing from life.

Student Testimonials 

Thank you very much for the course. I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted - looking at different aspects from charcoal, pastels to watercolour. I thought that the pace of the class was really good - not too fast so that we could start slowly and pay attention to details, but also making us move on and not to dwell on things for too long which I might have a tendency to do sometimes. It was also a really nice supportive atmosphere in the class so I felt and was reassured that there was no right or wrong way of doing this which made me much more confident.


I am looking forward to joining again in September!

I also loved the art course! I have never done any art before and to be able to create something “pretty “ was fantastic. I have also gained insight on so many different techniques in such a short time. 

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