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Isabelle Moreau dreamt of creating a space for all to enjoy and explore art, and following the founda of a very popular children’s art school Quirky Birds in Sydney, and then Lavender Print School in London... Lavender Leonardos was born!

We at Lavender Leonardos have always believed that in today's technology-driven world, there is a strong desire for children to find escape in the hands-on methods of traditional arts and crafts. We are so lucky to have our own amazing art studio, which allows us to offer our workshops all year round. We are available during the day, weekends, after school and holiday time- which means everyone has the chance to come and enjoy the wonderful world of art. We are also available for birthday parties and one to one tuition. Our tutors are all extremely talented at their craft, and we teach a whole range of skills, whilst having lots of fun.

Founder and Director Izzy Moreau is a mixed media artist and art lecturer by training. For over twenty years she has educated children and adults in the arts, worked all over the world in TV, Theatre, and as an artist in residence. In recent years, Izzy has found that more and more her work is inspired by important marine wildlife conservation. 


"Our classes are designed for children who have a special passion for art and wish to explore this fascinating world." 

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