Acrylic Painting with Artist Vicki Sawyer | Online Workshop

Wednesday 26th May | 7.00 - 9.00pm


“If birds can build nests, then they can make hats!” Vicki Sawyer 


We are very excited to be inviting the wonderful Vicki Sawyer to host an online workshop at Lavender Print School, all the way from Pennsylvania in the United States. Her 2,500 + paintings (yes that's right, 2,500) have always amazed and captivated us at the studio, from the witty and humorous nature she brings to her work, to her mastery of acrylic painting. We love it! 


In this online workshop Vicki will teach you how to paint different features of a bird. All demonstrated in a step by step live workshop by Vicki. We can’t wait! 


  • We will take a little tour around Vicki's studio, where all the magic happens. 

  • Ask questions about her artworks and where she gets her inspiration from. 

  • Learn how to mix, blend, layer and apply acrylic paint.

  • Explore different features of a bird; eyes and feathers. 


Vicki's career was established with a degree in art from Penn State University, which led to work in graphic design, handmade doll creation, and professional mural painting. During her mural painting years, she developed a portfolio of hundreds of murals featuring birds, insects, animals, grasses, and wildflowers.

Her experience confidently led her to move into canvas painting of the natural world. This switch, made fifteen years ago, marked the beginning of her expansive career as a fine art painter with a growing library of over 2,500 works. 


Vicki’s work has now been exhibited extensively around the US, you can find out more about her here on her website and instagram.


Materials you will need:


Please find links to where you can buy materials needed. Specific colours and paints that are being used by Vicki will also be listed, this is if you want to invest in artist grade materials, or if you already have a variety of materials to choose from. 


  •  Canvas pad , canvas board or a stretched canvas, any size from  A5 - A3

  • *Paint brushes (you can use a selection of paint brushes you may already have, however a list of type/sizes below are the paintbrushes Vicki will be using) 

  • *Acrylic paint (Any acrylic paint can be used, please have a selection of basic colours. Vicki will be using the Heavy body Golden Brand. Below is a list of colours she will be using.  

  • Pencil 

  • Rubber 

  • Water pot 

  • Tissue or kitchen towel  

  • Palette for mixing your paint 

  • Spray bottle (an important part to the process) 


Extra Material Information



  • Old gnarley brush

  • Flat shader #2

  • Round #1 and #2

  • Flat shader #4

  • Bright #6


Acrylic Colours (Basic colours can be used however these will be used by Vicki) 

  • Titanium White 

  • Paynes Grey 

  • Burnt Umber 

  • Raw Umber

  • Burnt Sienna 

  • Primary Magenta 

  • Ultramarine Blue 

  • Diarylide Yellow 

  • Cadmium Yellow

  • Green Gold 

  • Chromium Oxide Green Dark 



Acrylic Painting with Artist Vicki Sawyer | Online Workshop

  • Booking Information

    Live workshop: This is a zoom workshop, everyone will be able to see each other, ask questions and participate. A zoom link and photo reference will be sent a day before the class. This workshop is on London time (BST) Please make sure you have the correct time from where you are participating from.

    You’re booking this workshop knowing that it is not refundable, unfortunately if you're not able to attend we can not refund you. You can however pass your booking onto someone else, please do let us know the new attendees name and email address. 

    This booking is for one person only.