9+ Advanced Term Time Classes | Autumn Term 2021 | Studio - In Person

What they'll do


Looking for new ways to encourage your child's creative spark? Have a look at our advanced kids' for 9+. Taking place over a full eleven weeks, kids will build their art skills and channel their creativity into new and exciting projects, culminating in some beautiful mini-masterpieces to bring home and hang in the house with pride.


These classes are designed to lead children through different artistic styles using a whole range of drawing and painting techniques. Encouraging experimentation whilst learning the core foundation of art practice. This is a wonderful opportunity for children who would like to create a unique body of work that expresses, explores and develops artistic talent, creating a portfolio to be proud of, or to further a passion for art. 

Guided by Lavender Leonardos' enthusiastic and experienced tutors, kids will get to grips with new materials and techniques each week, building on their existing skills and interests to really polish their art, they'll love exploring their creativity in a laid-back social environment.

Each session is adaptable around kids' needs and personalities, so everyone will get their chance to shine. Their tutors will always be on hand to make sure everyone's having fun and reaching their creative potential. It's a brilliant way to nurture your budding artist's love for painting and drawing.


Knowledge required


What you'll get

  • Equipment and materials provided.
  • Bring home everything they make.


What to bring

  • A bottle of water
  • An apron
  • A curious mind!


Autumn Term 2021

Termly fee £330


14th September - 16th October ( 5 ) 

Half Term 2 weeks

1st November - 12th December ( 6 )


9+ Advanced Term Time Classes | Autumn Term 2021 | Studio - In Person