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Online Private Groups


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Whether you have family spread across the country, or friends that would like to catch up and create together. We'd love to teach your budding artists step-by-step, bringing ideas to life.

Our teaching style is very relaxed and friendly, we keep our class size small so each child has individual attention and feedback throughout the sessions.

We can offer one off classes, or a block of sessions.

These can be based on a theme of your choice, or we can create a project for your group.

3 children £75 total ( £25 each )

4 children £85 total ( £21.25 each )

5 children £95 total ( £19 each )

6 children £105 ( £17.50 each )

For children aged 6+

Email : to book your online party.

Workshops can be booked from 10am - 6pm, Monday - Sunday, depending on availability.

You will be provided with a material list before the class starts. This list will be a mix of materials you will have at home, plus a few extra things you may need to buy, please let us know if we need to adapt the materials list in anyway before the workshop.

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