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Monday 18th - Friday 22nd February 2019

9.30am - 3.00pm 

Come and join Lavender Leonardos for our exciting Barnes Pop-up half term holiday workshops, in the beautiful location of Barnes Green, OSO Arts Centre.

Get £15 off each child on their first workshop if they bring their sibling or a friend! 


Together we will explore the world of creativity through art, drama and puppetry. Learning a range of different painting and drawing techniques, then bringing those ideas to life through performance. These workshops will invite your child to express and experiment through artistic practice whilst learning a whole lot of new skills along the way. Make new friends, and build in confidence as budding theatrical and scenic artists. 


What will the week schedule look like? 


Your child will be welcomed and introduced to our wonderful art and drama teachers. They will begin the day with a guided ‘set the scene monologue’ immersing them into an imaginary world of  mythical and magical creatures. 

Creating a story together, they will learn a variation of techniques through our step by step teaching method, exploring materials and bringing characters and scenery to life. 

The week will be filled with art techniques, prop design, puppets and acting lessons through improvisation. There will be a chance for parents to enjoy what their children have learned, see the incredible work that’s been produced and narratives that have been written. 


How many classes should I book my child in for? 


We recommend to book for the week to get the most out of the workshops, however if your only able to come for less, then your child will still experience and learn an incredible amount, taking art home with them. 


What if my child is very shy and doesn’t want to take part in the drama activities? 


We always want our students to feel as comfortable and creative as possible, meaning we never make them participate if they don’t want to, there are many other aspects that they can learn and excel in. 


What should my child bring with them? 

We provide all materials and equipment. Please bring a packed lunch, snack, messy clothes, sensible shoes and a huge spoonful of creativity. 



5-12 years 



£65 per day 

Book for the whole week and get 10% discount 


Time and Location 

9.30am - 3.00pm 

OSO Arts Centre, 49 Station Rd, Barnes, London, SW13 0LF

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